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The R&S®ESW is an EMI test receiver with outstanding RF characteristics, including high dynamic range und measurement accuracy. It meets the most stringent requirements for certification measurements in line with CISPR, EN, MIL‑STD-461, DO‑160 and FCC. With its FFT-based time domain scan, the R&S®ESW captures and weights disturbance spectra in virtually no time. The instrument’s realtime spectrum analysis capability with spectrogram function permits a detailed analysis of disturbance signals and their history. MultiView mode delivers a straightforward display of results, even for multiple operating modes.


Frequency ranges 1 Hz to 8 GHz, 1 Hz to 26.5 GHz and 1 Hz to 44 GHz

Compliant with CISPR16-1-1, ANSIC63.2, MIL‑STD‑461 and FCC

Highest dynamic range and highest accuracy for demanding certification measurement

Ultrafast measurements with FFT-based time domain scan

Preselection with selectable highpass filters and notch filters for the ISM bands

EMI test receiver and signal and spectrum analyzer in a single box

Realtime spectrum analysis (R&S®ESW-K55 option) with 80 MHz bandwidth and spectrogram function

MultiView function for straightforward display of multiple operating modes on a single screen



-Certification measurements
-Standard-compliant EMI measurements in spectrum analyzer mode
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