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AN 2050N series

Automotive EMC Test Solutions

Single-line Artificial Networks

AN 2050N series


The EM TEST single-line Artificial Networks, type AN 2050N series, are used for the simulation of the impedance of the wiring harness particularly for testing the interference voltage in HF-VHF-area in the battery supply system (e.g. in the automotive, aerospace and military area). 
They are designed to meet the specifications as per CISPR 25/ISO 11452-4 or ISO 7637.


Compact design

Insertion loss < 3dB

Current max. 50A AC/DC cont.

 AC voltage max. 250V (up to 1kHz)

DC voltage max. 400V

Frequency range: 100kHz - 108MHz

Artificial Network as per ISO 7637 or CISPR/ISO 11452-4

ISO 11452-4
ISO 7637-1:1990
ISO 7637-2:2004
ISO 7637-2:2011

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