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WK 260

Low Voltage Cable Test

Low Voltage Cable Test Solutions

WK 260

The testers of the WK 260 family are designed to meet the needs for testing automotive har- nesses or functional elements. Most efficient test algorithms offer versatile programming and testing methods and result in highest test speed. New hardware solutions protect the testers against external voltages and allow at the same time to switch voltages up to 50 V for functional test applications.  


Easy Test Point Expansion & Distribution
Very High Voltage (5,000 VDC / 3,600 VAC)
RLC Component Measurement
High Measurement Accuracy
Extremely Fast Test Speeds
Functional Testing of Control Assemblies
Automated Fiber Optics Testing
Reduction of Adaptation Cable Length
MIL 810 & MIL 1553 Certification
User-Friendly Software


Test & Measurement Performance
Continuity Test
Lower bound 1 Ohm ± (2%+0.1Ohm)
Four Terminal Measurement down to 100 mOhm ± (1 % + 10 mOhm)
10 µA, 100 µA, 1 mA, 10 mA or 100 mA constant current

Insulation Test
Up to 100 kOhm ± 2%
Up to 500 MOhm ± 5 % (available Q1/2015)
0-20 Vdc programmable

Component Test
1 Ohm to 100 kOhm, accuracy ± (2 % + 0.1 Ohm)
100 kOhm to 500 MOhm, accuracy ± 5 % (available Q1/2015)
100 mOhm to 100 KOhm, accuracy ± (1 % + 10 mOhm) with Four Terminal Measurement

10 nF to 1,000 µF, accuracy ± (10% + 1 nF)
Polarity test of electrolytic capacitors

Diodes and Zener diodes
Test of forward, reverse and Zener voltage
Polarity test
Zener diodes up to 20 Vdc
Switching Matrix
Protected against reverse voltages up to 50 Vdc and ESD effects according to EN 61000-4-2
64-pin output connectors conforming to DIN 41612, type C
Single point matrix, used switching elements are MOSFET
Test point cards with 64 points
Standard module TM 260-64p
Functionality of test points is programmable in IVISION Studio:
Test points to measure connections, isolations, components and external voltages
LED points to activate LEDs simultaneously with associated test points e.g. on an assembly board
Power points to switch external voltages to activate relays for functional tests
Connector detection points to check presence of all connectors before the electrical test
Detection points to check non-electrical components such as secondary locks at a connector or clips at the harness

Special module TM 260-64p 32I 4PM (available Q1 / 2015)
Functionality of test points is programmable in IVISION Studio according to the functionality of the standard module.
Additional features:
High current-power-points up to 1.5 A to activate e.g. electric contactors
Four Terminal Measurement (32 Force points, 32 Sense points)
Functional Test
Supply of the UUT with external voltages up to 50 Vdc
Maximum switchable current 150 mA, with special module up to 1.5 A
Measurement of external voltages up to 24 Vdc ± 5 % -1.5 Vdc
Measurement of external currents up to 75 mA ± (5 % +1 mA)

Standard 100BaseTX Ethernet interface to connect the WK 260 to control-PC or to a network
Remote control interface to trigger external devices:
10 Inputs: Input voltage 0–25 Vdc, Threshold LOW-HIGH at 1.5 Vdc
8 Open Collector outputs max. 25 Vdc/100 mA
1 Relay Output max. 25 Vdc/1 A
2 parallel and 2 serial interfaces • USB interfaces

Operating Elements
Beeper and Jack for Probe
WK 260 MU:
Buttons for Start and Stop, mouse wheel for menu selection
LEDs for PASS and FAIL
Monochrome graphical display with 192 x 64 pixel

Power Supply
Wall power supply, Input 135 ... 370 Vdc/90 ... 264 Vac, Output 24 Vdc; 0.625 A
Dimensions & Weight
WK 260 MU: 275 x 205 x 126 (W x D x H in mm), 3.3kg
WK 260 PC: 275 x 205 x 195 (W x D x H in mm), 4.9 kg
WK 260 TC: 275 x 205 x 195 (W x D x H in mm), 4.8 kg
Maximal configuration:
WK 260 PC plus 19 x WK 260 TC for up to 20,480 test points
WK 260 MU plus 1 x WK 260 TC for up to 1,536 test points

The distance between 2 boxes can be 20 m, the distance from the first to the last box up to 100 m
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