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AMP 200N

Automotive EMC Test Solutions

Low frequency signal source DC (0Hz) to 25

AMP 200N


AMP 200N - Low-frequency signal source for supply simulation and magnetic field testing
The AMP 200N has been designed as a low-frequency signal source to generate sinusoidal signals used to simulate ripple noise and ground shift noise as required by a variety of standards in the automotive industry e.g. as per Ford EMC-CS-2009.1, CI 210 and CI 250 as well as RI 150. The AMP 200N is controlled by the EM TEST Autowave to also allow the generation of non-sinusoidal and customised signals. Additionally, the AMP 200N can be used to generate magnetic fields by means of a radiation loop or small Helmholtz coils as per RI 140 of Ford EMC-CS-2009.1.



Built-in LF amplifier, 250W

Output voltage max. 140V p-p, 50V rms

Output current max. 5A rms

Programmable DC voltage offset

Built-in DDS to generate sinusoidal signals up to 250kHz

Controlled by AutoWave and autowave.control via Framebus

Integrated voltage measurement 10Hz - 250kHz (optional)

Integrated field strength measurement (optional)

Integrated frequency-selective current measurement 10Hz - 250kHz (optional)


AMP 200N - Signal generator/amplifier solution for ripple noise and magnetic field testing
The AMP 200N unifies a low-frequency signal generator and a powerful amplifier module giving a maximum amplitude of 150V peak-to-peak as required e.g. by Ford EMC-CS-2009.1. It generates both sinusoidal and transient signals. Equipped with a DDS it generates any sinusoidal signal with a frequency up to 250kHz. The AMP 200N is controlled by the EM TEST AutoWave in order to generate any sinusoidal or non-sinusoidal/transient signals and is therefore fully supported by the autowave.control software with its exhaustive library of pre-programmed standards and its outstanding reporting and documentation capabilities.
The AMP 200N can also be used for magnetic field testing using a Radiation Loop and Loop Sensor. Extended by the optional measuring module the AMP 200N offers means for frequency-selective current measurement, voltage measurement and measurement of the magnetic field strength.

Ford EMC-CS-2009.1, CI 250 testing
Immunity to Ground Offset
The AMP 200N can be used for testing the immunity to ground offset noise as per Ford EMC-CS-2009.1, CI 250. Both the continuous as well as the transient signal are generated by means of the AMP 200N, controlled by the AutoWave. The CN 200N is used to couple the test signals on to the line under test.

EMC-CS-2009.1, RI 140, RI 150, CI 210
Magnetic Field Testing (RI 140), Continuous Distubance testing (RI 150) and Immunity from Power Line Disturbances (CI 210)
The AMP 200N is designed for immuntiy testing and magnetic field testing as per Ford EMC-CS-2009.1. 
For RI 140 magnetic field testing a Radiation loop and current clamp to measure the induced current is required. 
For RI 150 testing a test fixture is needed to represent the injection loop.  For CI 210 Immunity testing from continuous power line disturbances the AMP 200N generates the control signal to drive a programmable DC source, e.g. a VDS 200N.

Chrysler CS-11809 (2009)
Chrysler CS-11979
Chrysler DC-11224 Rev.A
DaimlerChrysler DC-10615
DaimlerChrysler DC-11224
Ford EMC-CS-2009.1
GMW 3172
EMC-CS-2010JLR V1.1 (2011-01)
MAN 3285
SAE J1113-2
Tata TST/TS/WI/257

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