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W 444

High Voltage Cable Test

High Voltage Cable Test Solutions

W 444

The Compact Entry into the High Voltage Test
The W 444 Cable Tester and Functional Tester offers an economic entry into the class of high voltage testers. Voltages up to 2,250 VAC / 1,500 VDC and currents up to 3 A enable the testing of safety-related cables and harnesses as required above all in the aerospace industry, the railway industry as well as the automotive industry.
The W 444 Test Device can be configured in its compact, portable 19-inch cabinet for a wide variety of individual applications. It offers up to 1,280 test points.


High voltages up to 2,250 VDC in a compact, portable system
Economic entry into the High-End Test


High voltages in a compact, portable device
High voltages up to 2,250 VDC / 1,500 VAC
Non-hazardous according to DIN EN 61010 because of current limitation
Programmable current source up to 3 A
Depending on the model up to 265 or 1,280 test points
Portable 19-inches cabinet

Economic entry into the High-End-Test
Functional test for voltages that are not dangerous to touch
Internal / external generators up to 25 VAC / 60 VDC connectable for the functional test
RLC meter to measure user-defined combinations of resistance (R), inductance (L) and capacity (C) with programmable frequencies
Accurate resistance measurement from 3 mOhm through four terminal measurement
Flexible setting of test point cards with different voltage specifications for an economic configuration

Intuitive operation and programming with the CEETIS Smart software
Convenient Autoprog function: connections and networks of a golden sample can be thread in automatically and imported to the PC for further processing
Easy development of the test program on a standard PC
Integration into customer-specific ERP* systems


Typical areas of application:
Tests of cables and harnesses, e.g. in the aerospace industry
Tests of subassemblies and components, e.g. in the railway industry

Supported test types:
Connection test
Short test
Component test
Insulation test
Electric strength test
Functional test of switches and push buttons
Functional test of relays
Component test with RLC meter
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