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CNV 504N/508N

EMS Compact Generators

Coupling/decoupling network

CNV 504N/508N

for unshielded symmetrical interconnection lines (communication lines)


CNV 504N/508N - Coupling/decoupling networks for signal/data lines
Surge pulses or Ring wave pulses are applied to unshielded unsymmetrical interconnection lines (signal/data lines) by coupling/decoupling networks. For such testing, EMTEST offers CNV series for either 4 or 8 signal/data lines.
Complied withEN/IEC 61000-4-5 and EN/IEC61000-4-12, the pulses are coupled by different coupling elements such as capacitors or resistors depending on the characteristics of line signals.



Coupling/decoupling networks as perEN/IEC 61000-4-5 and EN/IEC 61000-4-12

Coupling with 0.5 µF capacitor for Surge (3.3 µF capacitor for Ringwave)

20 mH decoupling inductor per line

Selectable Differential/Common mode

Test voltage up to 4 kV, 7 kV and 10 kV

Line voltage 50 V (higher voltages on request)

Line current 1 A (higher current values on request)


CNV 504N/508N series - Multifunctional coupling/decoupling networks
The series of EMTEST CNV 504N/508N are multifunctional coupling decoupling networks for the application of Surge and Ringwave pulses onto signal/data lines.
The standard CNV 504N/508N models combine three different applications; the required coupling mode can be easily selected by means of jump line.
The CNV 504N/508N series consist of decoupling inductors of 20mH for each line. To further protect, an additional protection circuit is integrated at the signal/data line input.
EMTEST offers CNV 504N/CNV 508N coupling/decoupling networks for various test voltages up to 10kV and for higher signal voltages/currents (up to 600V and up to 4A). Dedicated CNVs are available e.g. for railway applications as per EN 50155 and for other customer specific test applications.
EN 50121
EN 61000-4-12
EN 61000-4-5
IEC 61000-4-12
IEC 61000-4-5
IEC 61326
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