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PFM 200N100.1

Automotive EMC Test Solutions

Power Fail Simulator

PFM 200N100.1

for OEM LV 124 and LV 148 and other manufacturer standards


PFM 200N100.1 –the unique automotive power fail simulator for LV 124 / LV 148 and micro-interruptions as per manufacturer standards


Switch for Power supply (100 A) and signal/data lines (2 A)

Pulses E10 and E13 of the LV 124/LV 148 standard

Bidirectional current direction

Separate switch in the ground line

Rise/fall time less than 200ns

Built in short-circuit switch <100 mohm

Rated voltage ±100 VDC



EMTEST PFM 200N100.1 has been designed to fully meet the requirements forpulse E10, E13 and E14 of LV 124, as well as pulse E48-09 of the LV 148. It also allows to perform with fast rise/fall time of as low as 200ns as required by GMW 3172, sec. 9.2.18.
PFM 200N100.1 includes a 100 mA to 100A power supply line switch and a separate switch in the ground circuit. These switches can support very high inrush currents up to several hundreds of amps. For signal and data lines, an additional 16 channel switch is included with current rating from 100 uA to 2 A per channel.
BMW GS 95003-2
BMW GS 95024-2-1
BMW GS 95026
BMW QV 65013 (2010-06)
Chrysler CS-11979
Chrysler PF-9326
Cummins 14269 (982022-026)
DaimlerChrysler DC-10615
DaimlerChrysler DC-10842
Fiat 9.90110
GMW 3172
Hyundai/Kia ES 95400-10, Rev. D
Hyundai ES 39110-00
Iveco 16-2103 Rev.15 (2010)
LV 124 (2013)
LV 148
many other automotive standards
MBN 10615
MBN LV 124-1
Nissan 28401 NDS 02
OEM LV 124
OEM LV 124 (2013-02)
OEM LV 148
PSA B21 7110 Rev.C, Ad. 2010-05
Renault 36.00.808/--L
Tata TST/TS/WI/257
Toyota TSC3500G
Toyota TSC3590G
Toyota TSC6203G
Toyota TSC7203G
Volvo STD 515-0003
VW 80000
VW 82148
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