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OCS 500N6

Oscillatory Waves Immunity Test

Oscillatory Wave Simulator

OCS 500N6


OCS 500N6 - compact tester for ringwave and damped oscillatory waves
EMTEST OCS 500N6 includes test capabilities for ringwave up to 6kV (as per EN/IEC 61000-4-12) and the damped oscillatory waves at 100kHz and 1MHz up to 3kV (as per EN/IEC 61000-4-18).The ringwave is a non-repetitive damped oscillatory transient occurring in low-voltage power, control and signal lines supplied by public and non-public networks. Damped oscillatory waves are repetitive transients mainly occurring in power, control and signal cables installed in high voltage and medium voltage stations. OCS 500N6 can also be used to perform magnetic field tests as required in EN/IEC 61000-4-10 using a magnetic field coil such as the MS 100N.


Standalone test generator

Includes ringwave up to 6kV

Includes Damped Oscillator Waves up to 3kV

Built-in CDN, single phase or three-phase up to 32A

Front panel operation

Standard Test routines

USB and GPIB interfaces


Three In One - OCS 500N6 combines ringwave and damped oscillatory waves
OCS 500N6 is the standalone tester that perfectly complements the EMTEST product range for tests as per EN/IEC 61000-4-x. Equipped with the ringwave capability of up to 6kV it also complies with the ringwave requirements of the ANSI/IEEE C62.41 standard.
The two damped oscillatory waves with 100kHz and 1MHz frequency reach 3kV each. The damped oscillatory waves not only comply with EN/IEC 61000-4-18 requirements but also correspond with the requirements to test protective relays and relay systems as per ANSI/IEEE C39.70.The damped oscillatory waves are also used to generate magnetic fields as per EN/IEC 61000-4-10 into a magnetic field coil (e.g. MS 100N).
OCS 500N6 comes with a built-in coupling/decoupling network for either single phase or three-phase and is rated for currents of 16A or 32A per line.
The OCS 500N6 can be operated manually from the front panel or by remote via the built-in USB or GPIB interface. Fail inputs allow to control an ongoing test sequence based on the status of the EUT. Monitoring outputs (BNC) are offered for easy signal measurement and verification. Safety features such as interlock and warning lamp control are available.
Pre-programmed Standard Test routines allow highest user convenience. Still the OCS 500N6 offers the quick start test routine where parameters can be changed on-line during the test to evaluate the susceptibility level of an individual DUT.
EN 61000-4-10
EN 61000-4-12
EN 61000-4-18
IEC 60255-22-1
IEC 61000-4-10
IEC 61000-4-12
IEC 61000-4-18
IEC 61850-3
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