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SM15K series

Delta Elektronika

15kW Bi-directional DC Power Supplies

SM15K series


Programmable bi-directional DC power supply
With our latest DC bi-directional power supply models we have extended our capabilities to a higher level of 15kW per unit. Standard feature for these power supplies is Delta’s new Power Recovery [Regeneration] Technology: in sink mode they can return full power back into the grid and, thanks to an efficiency of 95%, there is no need for expensive water cooling systems. The flexible output covers the output range of five separate power supplies with a traditional rectangular VI-curve.

  Voltage range Current range
SM 70-CP-450
(Bi-directional operation, Constant Power)
0 - 70 V -450~450 A
SM 500-CP-90
(Bi-directional operation, Constant Power)
0 - 500 V -90~90 A
SM 210-CP-150
(Bi-directional operation, Constant Power)
0 – 210 V -150~150 A
SM 1500-CP-30
(Bi-directional operation, Constant Power)
0 – 1500 V -30~30 A


-Bi-directional power supply with standard 15 kW source and sink
-Flexible output with Constant Power characteristics
-Power Regeneration Technology: in sink mode the PSU returns the energy back into the grid
-Easy Master/Slave parallel & series operation up to 900kW
-Very low heat dissipation. Efficiency is more than 95%. No need for expensive cooling systems.
-Excellent dynamic responses to load changes including all-digital control to adapt regulation to match load type
-Designed for long life at full power
-Protected against all overload and short circuit conditions


-Operation on wide range of 3 phase AC input voltages
-Master/Slave operation up to 900kW
-Large user display, menu driven operation
-EMC surpasses CE requirements: low emission and high immunity
-Low audible noise: temperature controlled cooling fans
-Ethernet interface, built-in sequencer and web interface
-Simulation software: Leadless sensing, Internal resistance and PhotoVoltaic simulation
-Durable digital encoders for voltage and current adjustment and menu operation


-Input voltage (3 phase) : 342-528 V AC (48-62 Hz)
-Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) : up to 0.996 (at 100% load)
-Efficiency (sink & source mode) : up to 96% (at full load)
-Output ripple and spikes : from 10 mv rms / 55 mV pp
-Regulation : from 2 mV (0-100% load step)
-Recovery time     : from 100 µs (50-100% load step)
-Programming speed : from 1.5 ms (10-90%)
-Output voltage and current stability : 50.10-6 / 80.10-6
-MTBF : 500.000 hrs
-Operating ambient temperature : -20 to +50 ºC
-Width : 19
-Height : 3 U
-Depth : 591 mm
-Weight : 27 kg
Power supply standard : EN 61204-3
Generic Emission : EN 61000-6-3 (EN 55022B)
Generic Immunity : EN 61000-6-2
Safety : EN 60950 / EN 61010
Insulation input / output : 3750 V rms
Protection class : IP20

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