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CNV 508N4-Series

EMS Compact Generators

CNV 508N4-Series

Coupling/decoupling networks for 4 pairs/8 lines as per IEC 60255-26


Coupling/Decoupling networks for testing relays and protecting equipment
The CNV 508N4 series are special coupling/decoupling networks being used to perform "Electrical disturbance tests for testing relays and protecting equipment" as per IEC 60255-26. A capacitor of 0.5uF is specified to couple the pulses on to the lines.
Each line has a decoupling inductor of >1.5mH to protect equipment from being subjected to the test pulse. The disturbance signal used for this test is a damped oscillatory pulse with a frequency of 1MHz, generated by the EMTESTOCS 500N6 or OCS 500N6F generators.



Selection of all coupling modes as per IEC 60255-26

Remote controlled by the OCS 500N6 / N6F

Coupling capacitor 0.5uF

Decoupling inductor >1.5mH per line

Nominal line voltage max. 250V AC/DC

Nominal line current 4A AC/DC or 16A AC/DC


Fully automatic coupling networks for IEC 60255-26
Depending on the configuration of the DUT, several different test setups are used to perform tests in differential mode (line-to-line of the same pair) or common mode (each pair to ground or one pair to all with grounded). The CNV 508N4 is automatically set by the OCS 500N6 selecting the desired coupling mode and lines to be coupled. The coupler offers capability to test up to 4 pairs/8 lines.
The test of relay and protection of equipment are outlined in IEC 60255-26 includes different coupling modes to test the DUT under different conditions. Each pair of lines is tested individually in differential mode. Common mode test is applied to each pair to ground and to each pair with the other pairs connected to ground.
The EMTEST CNV 508N4 series are a dedicated CDNs for these applications, fully automatic, remote controlled by the OCS 500N6 for the various coupling modes. This offers best user convenience and reliability that all couplings are required are testing. The selected coupling mode and lines being tested are indicated by LEDs.
IEC 60255-22-1
IEC 60255-26
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